About Me

I live in Newborough with my two crazy boys, husband and two chooks (Ruby & Ruby 2). I love nothing more than exploring beautiful Gippsland where we are lucky enough live, and documenting our lives together as the boys grow.

Not much of a talker, I’ve always been an observer and record keeper. From a young age I loved capturing photos of my friends, family and pets in order to hold on to memories. To me, photos are like a time machine that you can use to revisit earlier parts of your life.  Without photos of a time or event I feel lost and as though it never existed.

Sophie Palmer Photography


My style is more natural and relaxed, with a little guidance so you won’t be left feeling awkward.  Having two young boys of my own I understand that kids aren’t likely to sit still for long, I’d much rather let them explore and play, capturing moments that are natural and more “them”.

I’m happy to travel to somewhere that’s special to you, or visit you in your home to create images that show your family for who you are.

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